Make your Tagalog better and say more than just a "Kumusta"

Wise Juan, April 17, 2021

Kumusta? Get an update over something and sounds more like a concern friend.

Friend, how is the sales? Friend, how are you? Friend, how is the situation in the Philippines? "How is something?" is one among the frequently asked questions and it will be discussed here.

What is "kumusta"

Kumusta means how is something. If you were asked by your Filipino friend by "kumusta?", that only means that he is asking "how are you?".

Learn How to say "kumusta" in Tagalog
How are you?

Tagalog has three (3) main categories:

  1. Sentence focus -> this uses the members of the "ang" group.
  2. Relationship focus -> this uses the members of the "ng" group. It talks about relationships.
  3. Location focus -> this uses the members of the "sa" group. It talks about locations.

Note: Only the sentence focus will be discussed in this post.

Ang Group

The Ang group indicates the focus of the sentence. It is a subject marker. When you see a word that belongs to "ang" you should immediately think that what comes next is the main topic of the sentence. An "ang" member can only be used once in a simple sentence.

Note: A simple sentence contains only 1 subject and 1 predicate.

The following are the members of the ANG GROUP:

Ako, ikaw/ ka, siya
Tayo, kami, kayo, sila
Ito, iyan, iyon
Ang, si, sina

Check the examples below before a thorough discussion.

kumusta? - How are you?

kumusta ka? - How are you?

Kumusta ang sales? -How is the sales?

Kumusta si Licelle? – How is Licelle?

Kumusta sa Japan? – How is Japan?

Kumusta si Licelle sa Manila? –> How is Licelle in Manila?

Things to remember when saying "kumusta":

If you'll be asking about a person and you want to mention his/her name, just use "si" before the name and "sina" before names.

  • Kumusta si Licelle?
  • Kumusta si Ruth?
  • Kumusta sina Ruth, Licelle at Leslie?

Note: "at" means "and"

You may also just say "kumusta" then choose the appropriate personal pronoun. By switching, you can ask a lot of questions.

Personal pronouns:

  • Ikaw -> you (prepositive form)
  • ka -> you (postpositive form)
    • Ikaw, kumusta?
    • Kumusta ka?
  • Siya -> he/she
    • Siya, kumusta?
    • Kumusta siya?

If you'll be asking about a place , just use "sa" before the name of the place.

  • Kumusta sa Manila?
  • Kumusta sa America?
  • Kumusta dito? -> how's here?
  • Kumusta diyan? -> how's there?

If you'll be asking about things other than names and places, just use "ang" before the word you want to ask.

  • Kumusta ang babae? -> how's the girl?
  • Kumusta ang aso? -> how's the dog?
  • Kumusta ang sales? -> how's the sales?
  • Kumusta ang report? -> how's the report
  • Kumusta ang audit? -> how's the audit?

Try to make your own sentences and let us know in the comment section!

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