Best Tagalog Lessons for Fluency: How to Use Ligatures

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NA and -NG ligatures

Ligatures are like bridges. It is a connector of words that goes together.

Best Tagalog Lessons
Na and Ng ligature

In English, you just say “white dog” but in Tagalog, you need to use the correct ligature and translate the white and the dog.

NA –> is used if the first word ends in a consonant


          Maliit na bahay -> small house

          Maingay na aso -> noisy dog

-NG -> if the first word ends in a vowel (a, e, i, o, u). If it ends in letter “n” just  add “g


          Kawawang bata -> poor kid

          Masayang pasko -> Merry Christmas

English of White is puti while Dog is aso. If we will say white dog, it will be translated as Puting aso.

White dogPuting aso
Small houseMaliit na bahay
Lot (quantity)Marami
Lot of riceMaraming kanin
Friend (girl)Kaibigang babae

WiseJuan tip:

       Search your dictionary for words then try to make simple phrases using the ligatures.

You can switch the words (modifier and the thing it modifies) as long as you will use the correct ligature too!

White dogPuting aso
White dogAsong puti
Friend (female)Kaibigang babae
Friend (female)Babaeng kaibigan
Lot of riceKaning marami
Lot of riceMaraming kanin

Practice your ligatures more:
Translate then connect. Enjoy! 😉

  1. Big dog
  2. Low table
  3. Long hair
  4. Red car
  5. Old woman
  6. Kind friend
  7. Thick book
  8. Bad person
  9. Merry Christmas
  10. New year

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