Free Tagalog Lessons for Fluency: How to Analyze Tagalog Repeated Words


Filipinos often say Tagalog repeated words but what do they mean? What do they want to say? We know how to say scripted sentences but how are we going to respond if they started to speak things we don't know? We need to analyze and here is a tip for you!

Google translate or Tagalog app can sometimes be unreliable especially in remote areas. Either you will run out of battery or you just can't catch a connection. So here are the few words for you to survive.


Step 1:

Translate the word in Tagalog.

Tagalog WordStep 1: Translate
Araw-arawDay day
Gabi-gabi night night
Linggo-linggoWeek week
Buwan-buwanMonth month
Taon-taonYear year

Step 2:

Repeat the word and analyze.

Tagalog WordStep 1: TranslateStep 2: Analyze
Araw-arawDay dayEveryday
Gabi-gabi night nightEvery night
Linggo-linggoWeek weekWeekly
Buwan-buwanMonth monthMonthly
Taon-taonYear yearYearly

Repeated "time words" will result to periodicity.

Repetition to Give Emphasis

Sarap means delicious. If we say "sarap-sarap" that means delicious delicious or very delicious.

Tagalog WordStep 1: TranslateStep 2: Analyze
sarap-sarapdelicious deliciousvery delicious
pangit-pangitugly uglyvery ugly
ganda-gandabeautiful beautifulvery beautiful
asim-asimsour sourvery sour
pait-paitbitter bittervery bitter
Note: Words repeated are root words.

Translate each word then analyze. Enjoy!

You may ask google translate for help but do not search the whole phrase (for your own good).

  1. tamis-tamis
  2. saya-saya
  3. bait-bait
  4. sungit-sungit
  5. Aga-aga

Learning Tagalog made simple!

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